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High-Tech Business Invests in Bucksport Building

BY: PowerWise

In early May 2017, PowerWise purchased a commercial building in Bucksport, Maine. Ownership decided a central location for engineers and programmers would improve company management and customer interactions.

SiteSage May 2017 Updates

BY: PowerWise

Effective May 1, 2017, SiteSage now offers new hardware integration, software enhancements, and updated pricing.

Cool and Comfortable with Controls

BY: PowerWise

Lighting and thermostat controls are great. They free up time for more important things. Set the schedule once, and the controls do what they are supposed to do.

New Cars are High-Tech, Like Most Buildings

BY: PowerWise

While monitoring and control technology may seem amazing in automobiles, the concept is becoming mainstream in buildings and mechanical systems, where it started.

The Electricity Bill is Too Damn High

BY: PowerWise

At PowerWise we often hear from people when their electricity bill is too damn high. One tactic to reduce this bill is to target after-hours electricity use. Businesses and homes have mechanical systems running during the day. When occupants are asleep or the business is closed, a majority of equipment should be off, right?

Attention Builders and Architects: How are Your Buildings Doing?

BY: PowerWise

If you design or construct buildings, do you know how well they run once completed and occupied? When you choose to evaluate your buildings and mechanical systems with monitoring technology, you have numbers to know what is going on.

Two heating systems? Which one to use?

BY: PowerWise

How did the PowerWise engineer choose which system to heat his home? He used monitoring technology, of course.

Planning an Electricity Monitoring Installation

BY: PowerWise

If you want to reduce your electricity bill, understanding what contributes to your electricity bill and when is crucial. An energy management system, properly planned and configured, will do the job. But how do you tackle the project, given seemingly unlimited options for designing a system for your home or business?

The Benefits of Monitoring Technology

BY: PowerWise

Consider the potential benefits from installing monitoring technology for your building or mechanical system. Doing so will give you insight into exactly how things are working.

Defeat Demand Charges, Reduce Electricity Costs

BY: PowerWise

Some businesses, in addition to paying a standard use rate, also pay a demand charge related to their highest use of electricity over a 15-minute interval. An energy management system can help avoid high demand changes.

Insight into Multi-family Building Energy Use

BY: PowerWise

The best feedback on a new multi-family building is knowing the building is efficient and provides a comfortable conditions.

Evaluate Ground Source Heat Pump Performance

BY: PowerWise

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) use energy from the earth to heat and cool buildings, as well as assist in domestic hot water production. As a leader in cost-effective building management systems, PowerWise can evaluate GSHP performance using our monitoring and control technology.

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In early May 2017, PowerWise purchased a commercial building in…
Effective May 1, 2017, SiteSage now offers new hardware integration,…