Attention Builders and Architects: How are Your Buildings Doing?

PowerWise Building Management System for Builders and Architects

If you design or construct buildings, do you know how well they run once completed and occupied? Do the heating and cooling systems performance match your calculations? How is the air quality? Is the building using more energy than you anticipated?

Feedback from the owner is not completely quantitative, and consequently not helpful in assessing building performance. However, when you choose to evaluate your buildings and mechanical systems with monitoring technology, you have numbers to know what is going on. Easily see the energy used by the building and mechanical systems. Know the real costs to run heating and cooling. View charts of temperature and air quality conditions throughout the building.

Monitoring a building can ensure the structure you design or build works as expected with real-world tenants. Plus, if you make changes you will see the influence on costs and performance, all reported in the dashboards. The feedback can help the current building run better, plus provide insight into how to improve or adjust designs for future projects. Sizing mechanical systems such as heating and cooling or renewables will be easier when you have historical numbers to work with.

As a builder or architect, your work impacts many people's lives and important energy resources. Ensure your buildings are reliable and efficient with monitoring technology.

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