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The Benefits of Monitoring Technology

Consider the potential benefits from installing monitoring technology for your building or mechanical system. Doing so will give you insight into exactly how things are working.

Costs by Location

Do you need to be convinced of why you should have a monitoring system for a building you own or manage? If so, then you must assume everything is running perfectly. All systems are at peak performance, are shut off when possible, provide what you expect, and are not costing you too much money. Right?

If any of these statements give you pause, consider the potential benefits from installing monitoring technology for your building or mechanical system. Doing so will give you insight into exactly how things are working. Plus, you will be able to avoid the many surprises related to equipment going offline and requiring costly repairs. Proactive maintenance based on knowledge provided by your monitoring system is almost always cheaper than replacing or fixing a machine when it fails completely.

Best Case Scenario

Geothermal Electricity Use and Runtime

You still may have the ability reduce operational costs while improving performance. How? Everything's running well - what’s not to like? Here's potentially a best case scenario: you install monitoring equipment. The building and equipment happens to be running as expected and verified with monitoring. Good news! But let's take it further.

You may adjust a cooling or heating setpoint just a few degrees to save significant money without adversely impacting conditions. Your AC kicks on a little later, saving energy, but no one really notices. There’s no difference in comfort, just in how much less you pay for energy. Or let's say you're subject to demand charges, paying more for energy during peak usage hours. These costs can be staggering when you start and run multiple machines at one time. Shifting an equipment schedule can sometimes save significantly. Our technology will show you the savings, as well as the performance impact after you’ve made your changes.

Text alert for equipment issue

Problem Scenario

But what if monitoring shows that you have a problem in your building? Perhaps energy use for an individual pump or refrigeration unit is excessive. Equipment could be running erratically and in need of repair. One reason you'll know it's running erratically is that in many cases our monitoring system will send you a text alert letting you know, before you even see it for yourself. Mechanical systems could be operating during off hours and creating unnecessary expense, as well as speeding up the maintenance cycle and increasing costs. Good monitoring technology helps you identify these things, highlight required maintenance before equipment breaks down, and show the savings after you made changes.

Schedules and Controls

Online Schedules and Controls

Monitoring provides huge benefits, namely costs, performance, and human interactions with your building and each of your mechanical systems, electricity use by equipment, and environmental conditions within the building. But beyond monitoring, scheduling and controls will let you take your knew knowledge and manage your building in a proactive way. Smart thermostats allow you to set schedules and setpoints using your laptop or smartphone. If you have multiple heating or cooling systems, you can help them work together for the best balance of energy, comfort and cost with online thermostat controls and schedules.

"A good monitoring and control system - a true building management system - gives you the ability to measure and control any and all aspects of your building", Carsten Steenberg, CEO PowerWise.

Costs by Equipment

You can focus on a problem area, or find a problem you didn't know about, that can be evaluated and resolved, saving you money and time. Our hardware and software is flexible enough so you can get the information that will help you the most, when it will help you the most, and before things happen. The expense of a good building management system is often repaid in less than a year, and keeps saving money in repairs instead of replacement, lower energy bills, and the most efficient schedules for your heating, cooling and lighting. Can you afford not to explore monitoring and controls for your building, your business?

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