Report and Alert on Temperatures with a New Wireless Sensor

SiteSage WiTemp+ Wireless Temperature Sensor

Knowing that temperatures are within a normal and safe operating range is important - for business owners and homeowners. The new SiteSage WiTemp+ makes it easy to monitor temperatures. The sensor communicates wirelessly with the SiteSage gateway. The range is about 40 feet, allowing for simple installation and a variety of applications.

"We envision people who are concerned about refrigeration, storage, and building conditions to use this sensor and know temperatures are appropriate. Imagine a walk-in cooler or freezer containing thousands of dollars of product. A simple sensor can help ensure safe conditions," says Carsten Steenberg, CEO of PowerWise.

The SiteSage application sends text or email alerts when a temperature is above or below a defined value. The application can also trigger if a temperature remains outside of a range for a set duration.

Possible applications include:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Refrigeration
  • Water temperatures - using the external 1-Wire sensor
  • Room temperatures

The sensor is powered by 2 AA batteries (included) and easily mounts to a wall using screws, zip ties, or velcro (not included). In addition to monitoring temperature, the WiTemp+ can also support one of the following sensors / devices: 1-Wire temperature sensor, contact closure sensor, or pulse device. A door or window sensor is an example of a contact closure sensor. By allowing inputs for another sensor or device, the WiTemp+ can simplify communications by reducing wiring.

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