OutProsys projects with PowerWise involve energy management solutions for retail locations and supermarkets in South Africa. Read the five case studies below demonstrating success for their customers.

1. Walk in freezer

Client type : restaurant

Case description : a restaurant chain was approached by an energy outfit proposing an efficient retrofit system that would reduce the energy usage of their existing walk-in-freezer compressor. The restaurant had a SiteSage multi-circuit monitor installed by OutProsys. The retrofit system was installed and the SiteSage monitoring on the compressor was able to track the usage 24/7. Although the retrofit system did deliver savings, they were significantly below the promised quantum. It turned out that the cost of the retrofit system was more than the energy savings.

Result : the restaurant was able to assess the performance of the retrofit system and make an informed decision not to proceed with the purchase of the retrofit system and avoid a poor investment.

2. Plate warmer

Client type : restaurant

Case description : a restaurant chain uses plate warmers to warm their plates while they are preparing food, which is a standard industry practice. Based on a monthly reporting pack developed by OutProsys, which used data collected from the SiteSage multi-circuit monitor deployed by the restaurant chain, it was discovered that the plate warmer was using more energy than would have been expected. The plate warmer was manufactured with older technology, using heating elements that remain on continuously. OutProsys commissioned a niche manufacturer to (1) replace the heating elements with food-friendly, infrared technology and (2) include sensors so that the plate warmer automatically turns off when not in use. The SiteSage monitoring and OutProsys reporting pack showed that the improvements delivered energy savings of up to 50%.

Result : the restaurant chain was able to (1) identify a potential energy saving opportunity using SiteSage multi-circuit monitoring, (2) commission a new technology plate warmer and (3) confirm the delivered energy savings. The restaurant chain was then able to begin the process of rolling out this solution to other stores, and was even considering taking the new product to the overall market.

3. Phase balancing and power tripping

Client type : fruit juice manufacturer

Case description : a manufacturer of fruit juice was experiencing frequent tripping of their 3 phase utility mains supply. They suspected that they were drawing more power than their utility supply could provide. They implemented arduous operational procedures to schedule the use of their equipment so as to limit their power draw and avoid tripping their mains. They also submitted an application to their utility to increase their power supply, which turned out to be a long and expensive process as they are based in the city where the utility had limited excess supply. The manufacturer installed a SiteSage multi-circuit monitor in an effort to better understand their energy usage. Based on OutProsys' reporting pack, which uses data collected from the SiteSage multi-circuit monitor, it was quickly evident that the manufacturer’s energy load was not balanced across all 3 phases. The tripping was only occurring on 1 of the 3 phases, while there was ample capacity for additional load on the other 2 phases. Based on the detailed multi circuit information, OutProsys was able to brief the manufacturer’s electrician on exactly how to re-wire the distribution board to rebalance their load across all 3 phases.

Result : the manufacturer was able to accurately balance its load across its 3 phases. As a result, it was able to halt the costly, time consuming process of applying for a larger utility supply, and could operate all of its equipment as needed without any further concerns of tripping their utility mains supply.

4. Solar system design and tariff assessment

Client type : wine farm

Case description : a wine farm was interested in installing a grid-tie solar system. The wine farm had the option to elect to feed back into the grid, but this would entail moving to a new utility tariff. It was important to accurately evaluate the cost implications of moving to the new tariff, as well as the subsequent benefit of a solar system. This assessment was performed using OutProsys' solar analytics, which required detailed time-of use data available from the SiteSage multi-circuit monitor. The OutProsys solar analytics projected the wine farm’s time-of-use grid usage with an installed solar system, taking into account the actual pre-solar load profile and adjusting this for the expected solar performance. The OutProsys solar analytics was also able to calculate the optimal solar design that would most benefit the wine farm. The wine farm was able to clearly understand the financial implications of both changing tariffs, and then installing a solar system to yield energy savings based on the new tariff. This enabled the wine farm to make a decision on whether or not it was financially worthwhile to (1) install a solar system and (2) elect to participate in the feed-in tariff programme.

Result : Based on the OutProsys solar analytics and SiteSage data, it was clear that a suitably designed solar system, along with electing to feed back to the grid based on a new tariff, delivered the most superior financial returns.

5. Energy analytics : optimizing energy savings

Client type : various

Case description : OutProsys has developed a suite of analytics that offer a clear business case for various key energy decisions. This includes (1) energy usage analytics, powered by circuit level energy data, to deliver invaluable insights into energy usage and guide decisions on how to achieve operational (behavioural) improvements, (2) energy investment analytics to ensure the best overall decisions on all key energy efficiency investments, and (3) renewable energy analytics to assist clients in making the best overall decisions on their solar and battery investments. Using data collected from the SiteSage multi-circuit monitor, these analytics are able to clearly inform decisions based on clients actual usage and tariff.

a. Energy usage analytics

These analytics provide clients with a complete picture of their energy footprint and inform and encourage smarter practices, as well as providing an ideal foundation for a sound energy management plan.

b. Energy investment analytics

These analytics are designed to ensure that the best overall decisions are made on all energy investments, including lighting, water heating and any other energy solutions. The current energy landscape is vast and often bewildering and energy investments generally involve medium- to long-term decisions. OutProsys' investment analytics ensure that optimal decisions are made based on solid, insightful and transparent data specific to each individual situation.

c. Renewable energy analytics

These analytics are designed to ensure that the best overall decisions are made on all renewable energy investments, including a variety of solar arrangements (grid-tie, feed in tariff) solar financing options (purchased, financed, power purchase agreements) and the addition of energy storage (batteries). Sizing, design and implementation considerations are critical to optimise the ideal renewable energy solution for each client application.

Result : OutProsys' suite of energy analytics, based on SiteSage multi-circuit data, ensures that clients are (1) empowered to make informed decisions on their energy actions and achieve optimal results and (2) able to transparently validate their pre- and post-energy usage.

For more information, visit www.outprosys.com/energy/.

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