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New Passive House Monitoring Solution Recommended by PHIUS

recommended-by-passive-house-insitute.pngTrack and analyze building performance with the PowerWise inView Passive™ House Monitoring Package. Co-developed by prominent Passive House experts, this complete monitoring solution is now endorsed by PHIUS, the leading passive building research and certification institute.

Gain insight into performance, costs, and environmental conditions of entire buildings or individual HVAC and hot water systems. Visualize your solar hot water, ERV, HRV, and ground-source heat pumps with our detailed online dashboards. Know how these systems are running with real-time and historical readings. Plus, you can easily monitor circuit-level energy use, renewable power, water use, air quality, temperature, humidity, and much more.

Solar Hot Water, Heat Pump, HVAC/ERV

With our solar hot water (SHW) dashboard, you can monitor solar irradiance, panel temperature, BTU production from SHW and makeup, pump energy use, and hot water use. Our heat pump dashboard offers the ability to monitor supply and return temperatures, outside temperature, air flow, ground temperature, and ground loop flow. If you want to monitor ERV, you have the options to monitor temperatures, humidities, and flow.

Know how your buildings and high-peformance systems are running. See the impact on home comfort conditions. PowerWise and PHIUS are providing you with great insight into your passive house with leading hardware and software monitoring technology.

The inPassive™ Passive House Monitoring System includes inSense™ sensors designed by PowerWise for Passive House applications, inDAC™ data acquisition and control module, two years subscription to the inServe™ data analytics and deployment server, and the inView Passive™ Dashboard, with a standard configuration that is expandable with additional modules based on the sensors and systems monitored.


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