PowerWise offers the SiteSage SmartControl and the PowerWise inControl to control lights and equipment through online dashboards.

Electricity Meters

Browse electricity meters for buildings, electrical panels, circuits, renewable energy, including solar and wind, plus equipment and batteries.

Flow, Energy Meters

PowerWise offers a variety of meters to measure water, propane / natural gas, and BTUs related to mechanical systems and buildings.

Gateways, I/O

PowerWise offers a variety of gateways and data acquisition devices to collect data from sensors and meters, and equipment, through wired and wireless options. The gateways also transmit control data for HVAC, lighting and equipment.


PowerWise offers a variety of sensors to monitor environmental conditions, including air quality, temperature, and relative humidity.


SiteSage and inView are two powerful software applications for monitoring and controlling buildings and mechanical systems. SiteSage offers residential and commercial software.


PowerWise offers thermostats that support the inView or the SiteSage applications.

About PowerWise

PowerWise is a proven innovator of monitoring and control technology.


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