Electricity Meters

Browse electricity meters for buildings, electrical panels, circuits, renewable energy, including solar and wind, plus equipment and batteries. PowerWise offers Dent PowerScout, MeasurLogic, SiteSage, and WattNode meters.

Dent PowerScout Meters

Dent PowerScout meters are revenue-grade and monitor voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single and three-phase systems. The device offers options for 3, 12, 24, and 48 CTs.

MeasurLogic AC and DC Meters

MeasurLogic offers DC meters and AC meters. DC meters are used to measure the DC output of solar PV, wind turbines, and batteries. MeasurLogic AC meters are revenue-grade and can function in either a single, split, or three-phase environment.


SiteSage is suitable for installations with 120/240V single-phase 60Hz service, three-phase or 480V, 230V 50Hz service or 346/600V. The product has a strong variety of configurations to monitor electricity for virtualy any number of buildings, electrical panels, and circuits.


The WattNode offers single phase to three-phase monitoring of electricity, 120 VAC to 600 VAC, revenue-grade accuracy, up to 50 power-related measurements, bidirection power and energy for PV and net metering.

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PowerWise is a proven innovator of monitoring and control technology.


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