Dent PowerScout

Dent PowerScout meters are revenue-grade and monitor voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single and three-phase systems. These power meters work with split-core, solid-core, and RoCoil (Rogowski) current transducers (CTs). The Dent meters listed below communicate with the inGate and display data in the inView application.

PowerScout 3037

The PowerScout 3037 supports up to 3 CTs.
PowerScout 3037 Specifications
PowerScout Installation Manual

PowerScout 12 HD - coming soon

The PowerScout 12 HD supports up to 12 CTs.
PowerScout 12 HD Specifications
PowerScout 12 Installation Manual

PowerScout 24

The PowerScout 24 supports up to 24 CTs.
PowerScout 24 Specifications
PowerScout 24 Installation Manual

PowerScout 48 HD

The PowerScout 48 HD supports up to 48 CTs.
PowerScout 48 HD Specifications
PowerScout 48 HD Installation Manual

These Dent electricity meters integrate with inView and the inGate from PowerWise.

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