Gateways, I/O

PowerWise offers a variety of gateways and data acquisition devices to collect data from sensors and meters, and equipment, through wired and wireless options. The gateways also transmit control data for HVAC, lighting and equipment.


The inBridge uses Zigbee technology to send Modbus RTU data wirelessly to the inGate. Common Modbus RTU devices include electricity meters, air quality sensors, water meters, and refrigeration controllers.


The inDAC reads data from 1-Wire sensors, pulse counters, and analog sensors. Typical applications include monitoring temperature, air flow, water flow, propane / natural gas use, humidity, and air quality.


The PowerWise inGate is a commercial-grade ethernet gateway designed for data monitoring and control of building systems. The device offers plug-and-play functionality and supports Modbus RTU and Zigbee 3.0.

Sensor Hub

The Sensor Hub provides a clean and protection connection point for flow meters and 1-Wire sensors to the SiteSage Gateway.

SiteSage IOT Gateway

The SiteSage Gateway communicates via MiWi with SiteSage devices, including the SiteSage electricity monitor, Sensor Pod, SmartStat 46 thermostat, Smart Control, and WiTemp+. A single gateway can communicate with multiple SiteSage devices, provided they are within the communication range.

SiteSage Sensor Pod

Easily integrate select sensors and meters with SiteSage using the Sensor Pod (sPod). This device has inputs for 1-Wire, Modbus RTU, dry contact, analog, and digital sensors.

About PowerWise

PowerWise is a proven innovator of monitoring and control technology.


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