Hardware - Residential and Commercial SiteSage


BY: PowerWise

SiteSage integrates with sensors and meters for environmental conditions, natural gas / propane, and water.

SiteSage Controller

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Controller lighting and equipment through the SiteSage online dashboard.

SiteSage M

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The SiteSage M is the energy monitor installed inside an electrical panel.

SiteSage Sensor Pod

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Add sensors and meters for water, gas, and environmental conditions to your SiteSage dashboard with the Sensor Pod.

SiteSage SmartStat 46

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Control your heating and cooling systems online with the SiteSage SmartStat 46.

SiteSage WiTemp+

BY: PowerWise

Easily monitor and report on temperatures with the new SiteSage WiTemp+. This wireless sensor communicates with the SiteSage gateway.

SiteSage Hardware Diagram
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