SiteSage Commercial

Manage energy and assets enterprise wide with SiteSage. Managing multiple small facilities is a challenge. SiteSage is the solution. This technology was designed to meet the challenges of operating a portfolio of small commercial facilities. Combining powerful controls, granular monitoring, and patented analytics, SiteSage will:

  • Enhance HVAC and equipment control
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Enable more effective repair and maintenance

SiteSage also provides an end-to-end food-safety solution with connected equipment, monitoring, alerts, work flows, and automated HACCP reporting. Customers include restaurants, convenience stores, and retail stores.

SiteSage Assets

BY: PowerWise

Plan capital replacement and maintenance with SiteSage Assets. Record conditions and photos of properties and critical equipment. See current conditions and historical information for all of your assets.

SiteSage Commercial Screenshots

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Check out the SiteSage energy and asset management screenshots for commercial customers

SiteSage Controls

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Remotely monitor HVAC energy use and temperatures to help optimize performance with SiteSage’s HVAC Controls. The SiteSage Controller allows you to control just about any equipment, including lighting, space heaters, hood exhausts, and more.

SiteSage Smart Kitchen

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Monitor temperature and other data in key equipment. Receive real-time alerts and exception reports, addressing issues that may compromise food safety and food quality. Manage food safety processes and automate reporting with SiteSage Smart Kitchen.

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