SiteSage Assets

Many organizations with dispersed locations do not have complete, up-to-date information on what equipment is installed at each location, much less the condition of that equipment.

SiteSage Assets (patent pending) enables organizations to capture properties, conditions, and photos of critical equipment and maintain that information over time. SiteSage Assets provides a critical tool for capital replacement as well as maintenance planning.

  • Easily capture equipment properties and conditions with a mobile app
  • Analyze the data through enterprise reports, including interactive maps
  • Leverage a unique scoring algorithm to compare equipment based on age, condition, energy use, and other variables
  • Perform a total cost of ownership analysis to prioritize equipment maintenance and replacement
  • Track equipment warranties

SiteSage Assets provides a structured way to stay on top of your mission critical equipment fleet. The system tracks warranties to make sure you never pay for parts or service if you don’t have to. Use SiteSage Assets' "red flag" ability to prioritize maintenance, and its powerful scoring algorithm and reporting capabilities to develop the most cost-effective equipment replacement strategy.

SiteSage Assets is a powerful application that allows you to throw away your outdated spreadsheets and gain access to easily updated information about every asset, enterprise-wide, so that you can manage wisely.

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