SiteSage controls for thermostats and equipment

HVAC Control

SiteSage's HVAC Controls include remote energy monitoring of HVAC energy use and temperatures to help optimize HVAC performance.

  • True enterprise-level HVAC control
  • Flexible local lock-out
  • Smart stage management
  • Demand limiting
  • Unique graphical controls
  • Microtargeting (up to 8 HVAC periods/day)
  • Room temperature, target temperature, relative humidity, outside temperature, and HVAC energy use charts

Equipment Control

The SiteSage Controller allows you to control just about any equipment, including lighting, space heaters, hood exhausts, and more.

  • Multiple schedules per day
  • Schedule in absolute times or relative to open/close; sunrise/sunset
  • Up to 8 zones/unlimited number of circuits
  • Simple-to-use graphical interface
  • Commercial software required
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