SiteSage Smart Kitchen

For Food Service organizations, and others with commercial kitchens, food safety – and food quality – is paramount.

SiteSage Smart Kitchen monitors temperature and other data in key equipment to provide real-time alerts and exception reports, addressing issues that may compromise food safety and food quality. It also helps manage food safety processes and automates reporting.

  • Monitor refrigeration temperatures and be alerted to potential problems
  • Receive real time alerts when food is not being prepared at the proper temperatures or for the right amount of time
  • View exception reports that identify equipment that may be showing incipient problems
  • Use the mobile app and temperature probe to capture data anywhere
  • Automatically create and store HACCP Food Safety reports, replacing the current manual, time-consuming and error-prone process
  • Increase product quality and reliability, reduce food waste, and decrease labor costs with SiteSage Smart Kitchen

Developed in cooperation with food safety experts, SiteSage Smart Kitchen goes beyond temperature monitoring to capture and analyze an unprecedented amount of kitchen equipment data and deliver an end-to-end, on premise Food Safety solution. Temperature monitoring, equipment integration, real-time alerts, work flow processing, corrective action tracking, and automated reporting combine to deliver a wide range of benefits.

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