Heating, cooling

PowerWise offers web-based controls and performance monitoring for many different heating and cooling technologies.

Conventional Thermostat Control

For HVAC that can be controlled by a conventional thermostat, we offer online controls with our thermostats. These thermostats communicate wirelessly with our gateway to send real time sensor and control data to the cloud. The dashboards report on room temperature, target temperature, relative humidity, and energy use by the HVAC equipment.

For people managing multiple locations, PowerWise offers the ability to apply thermostat templates across a portfolio of buildings. Plus, reporting that shows thermostat overrides, operating hours vs after hours, setpoint, room temperature, relative humidity, and HVAC energy use.

Roof-top Units, Ventilation, and Zone Control

For ERVs, HRVs, roof top units (RTUs), and other ventilation systems, PowerWise can monitor and control air quality, temperature, duct-work airflow, and multiple thermal zones. Sensors for occupancy, doors, temperature, and air quality can be located in the ventilation or the rooms and trigger a system's operation. For RTU's, PowerWise can provide a centralized controller to read sensors, condition multiple zones, and provide historical web-based reports and a power alert engine. When monitoring ventilation temperatures, generally, the temperature difference between the supply and return ducts should be 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit. The software can alert when this differential is not being met. For variable air volume systems, an airflow sensor can be used to ensure airflow rates are within range of the setpoint. Air flow sensors are commonly sized based on duct work diameters and the anticipated airflow rate. For constant-volume air systems, this equipment requires a current transducer (CT) on the supply fan, a current switch, or similar monitoring device.

Refrigeration Controls and Monitoring

PowerWise offers automated refrigeration controls, plus monitoring of room temperature, door status, coil temperature, and energy use. The software reports on historical performance and alerts on temperatures out of range.

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