Passive House

Passive house design and construction ensures low energy use and costs, thermal comfort throughout, and good air quality. But do these structures live up to the expectations when fully occupied and in use? PowerWise monitoring technology can show the performance and energy costs. Access real-time data and historical reports through a powerful web-based solution.

PowerWise thanks Passive House Institute US for supporting monitoring technology in passive house buildings.

Energy use for a passive house


Architects typically model passive house energy use based on occupancy and climate. Doing so helps size and select mechanical systems and construction materials. Monitoring energy use for the entire building and individual circuits is the best way to verify the energy model. Easily measure ground source heat pumps, boilers, and ventilation using flow meters, air velocity sensors, and environmental sensors. See the costs and use for heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, ventilation, outlets, and more. In addition, smart thermostats can provide insight into how occupants use the heating and cooling system.

Air Quality and Thermal Comfort

PowerWise offers a variety of sensors to monitor air quality and thermal comfort, including:

  • CO2
  • Relative Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Volatile organic compounds

Sensors can be surface-mount, invisible to the occupant, waterproof, mounted to the building exterior, placed in wall cavities, or located in ventilation ducts.

Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) for passive houseEvaluating New Mechanical Systems

The growing popularity of passive house spawned many new mechanical systems and construction materials. But are these new technologies working as advertised? The best way to know is to monitor their performance. PowerWise has many standard solutions for monitoring heating, cooling, and hot water systems. Plus, our talented engineering team can often integrate new sensors or develop new monitoring protocols to evaluate new technology used in high-performance buildings.

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