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Monitor electricity usage at the electric panel, down to the equipment level, and leverage patented analysis to produce critical equipment intelligence.

  • Pinpoint compressors that are short cycling
  • Identify equipment experiencing increased energy use
  • Spot overloaded refrigeration units or units unable to maintain proper temperatures
  • Highlight equipment unnecessarily on during off-hours, or off when it should be on

SiteSage & Remote Equipment Monitoring

SiteSage can monitor basically any data needed to help maintain equipment and overall facility operational performance.

  • Monitor HVAC supply and return duct as well as refrigeration equipment temperature
  • Track and analyze pressure, relative humidity, CO2 and VOCs, along with natural gas and water usage, and more
  • Monitor renewable energy sources, including both solar PV and wind, and obtain alerts when the system is not producing the expected level of power
About PowerWise

PowerWise is a proven innovator of monitoring and control technology.


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