Refrigeration controls

Advanced refrigeration controllers intelligently reduce excessive defrost while maintaining high efficiency cooling. Energy savings is typically 20-40%.

Traditional Defrost is Inefficient

Reduced energy costs with refrigeration controls

Defrost for refrigeration units typically run on a set schedule. If there is no frost to be removed, the schedule runs for no reason. Plus, a typical defrost brings the coil temperature to coil temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is excessive as a lower setpoint would be fine. After reaching the high temperature, the refrigerator or freezer space requires immediate cooling.

Intelligent Refrigeration and Freezer Control

A refrigeration controller provides many advantages:

  • Trigger defrost based on temperatures of coil
  • Cycle coil heat off and on - reduces energy costs while advancing defrost cycle
  • Turn off defrost when coil temperature reaches 50 degrees F - much lower than 120 degrees F but reaches defrost goal

The dashboard reports on several conditions, including:

  • Temperatures - setpoint, room, evaporator coil (2)
  • Status - door, compressor, fan, defrost, standby
  • Alerts - high and low temperature, door left open, sensor offline, defrost terminated on time, excessive defrost, & power failure
  • Energy - real time & historical energy data
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