Energy monitoring

PowerWise offers a variety of energy monitoring solutions for single-family homes, multi-family buildings, and businesses.

Electricity Monitoring for Buildings, Circuits

Energy monitoring provides insight into what contributes to energy costs and when. When monitoring electricity, this normally involves clamping current transducers (CTs) around the mains from the utility, as well as the wires from the individual circuits. A majority of the equipment is installed inside the electrical panel. The gateway is normally outside of the electrical panel. If monitoring just one piece equipment, this could be done inside the electrical panel or at the equipment itself.

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Monitoring Solar, Wind, Batteries

Monitoring renewable energy and stored energy in batteries is also accomplished with CTs. PowerWise can show overall electricity use, renewable production, and the net energy. Revenue-grade solutions for PV and wind production are available. For batteries or DC output from solar panels and wind turbines, PowerWise offers DC power meters and associated CTs.

Installing Energy Meters

A licensed electrician should install energy monitors. High voltage is dangerous. An electrician should plan on 2 hours per electrical panel. The person will need to record the site of the CTs, breaker sizes (amps), and electricity meter channels. This information will be need to register the product and allow the software calculate energy use data.

Normally, setting up the gateway and network communications should be completed first. When applicable, IT departments should be aware of these projects, so they can allow the gateway to use the building’s network to send information to the cloud.

BTU Meters

BTU meters are also energy meters. These meters measure the output of a geothermal, solar thermal, electric hot water, or heat pump hot water heater. The solution involves monitoring the supply temperature, return temperature, and flow to calculate BTUs.

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