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Building Performance Products

Energy Management & Building Intelligence Products

Browse our electricity meters, environmental sensors, water and gas meters, gateways, and software options. 

SiteSage Energy Management System

SiteSage is the benchmark for business and residential energy management, monitoring and control. It can monitor multiple electrical panels and circuits within each panel, and control HVAC and lighting remotely. Easily installed in existing buildings or new construction. Secure online web portal, advanced analytics, and email/text alerts make this a must-have for managers, builders, developers, researchers, and homeowners.

Product ID: SiteSage From $800 Available from PowerWise


inDAC Sensor Data Module

The inDAC Sensor Data Module provides 1-Wire and many other connections for multiple sensor types, with intelligent conversion from analog to digital data for analog sensors and meters.

Product ID: inDAC From $375 Available from PowerWise


inGate Internet Gateway

The inGate is a commercial-grade Ethernet Gateway for monitoring and controlling building systems.

Product ID: inGate From $475 Available from PowerWise


Sensors and Meters

A variety of sensors, meters and accessories for measuring air quality, CO2, temperature, fluid flow, relative humidity, etc.

Product ID: Sensors From $20 Available from PowerWise


MKIII-LR Long Range Weather Station

The long range MK-III-LR features a powerful new 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio that increases range to 1 mile line of sight. It also features an industry best, real time 2 second wind speed and direction update interval. This weather station provides direct integration with the SiteSage solution.

Product ID: MKIII-LR From $995 Available from PowerWise

Building Performance Solutions

Easily view live and historical conditions for a building and its individual systems, including heating, cooling, hotwater, environmental conditions, electricity use, and much more. 

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