Building Monitoring and Energy Management 

We create building intelligence systems that can include circuit-level electrical monitoring, remote HVAC and lighting controls, building environment monitoring, PV and solar thermal systems performance, heat pump, energy-recovery ventilators (ERV/HRV), and a wide variety of flow, fluid level, water and gas monitoring.

We provide hardware and software solutions for any size project. We create standardized or full custom dashboards to manage and control system components. Our customers include entire green communities, researchers, manufacturers, solar installers, banks, schools, and green builders. 

Building Intelligence

building-intelligence-system-diagram_t.jpgKnow the performance of your building and its individual systems, and manage HVAC remotely with interactive monitoring systems from PowerWise. 

  • Air temperature
  • Circuit-level electricity
  • CO2
  • Natural gas
  • PV/wind power
  • Relative humidity
  • Solar irradiance
  • Tank levels
  • VOC
  • Water/glycol flows
  • Weather

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Energy Managementenergy-management.jpg

Make informed decisions about your business or home, and take action with a detailed energy perspective and remote system controls. See what contributes to your electricity bill and when. Receive alerts when equipment or appliances are left running, need maintenance, or using too much power. 

If you have PV or wind power, you can see renewable power generated and electricity use, all on the same dashboard.

Learn more about commercial and residential solutions. 

Green Builders and Developers

Track and analyze the performance of entire buildings and individual systems with monitoring solutions from PowerWise. Reap rewards in new construction and retrofits, from single-family homes to entire green communities. 


Electricians have a unique and trusted voice for their customers, especially commercial customers. Leverage that trust to improve your customers' bottom line and your own with energy efficiency products and services. 

Renewable Energy

Compare your energy production and usage, all on one screen. Monitor solar panel health. Receive alerts if the panel is generating less power than it should, given weather conditions.


The inGate – a Gateway to Intelligence About Your Buildings

Today, PowerWise announces the inGate, a new product that transmits data about the performance of HVAC, hot water, renewable ene…

Visit PowerWise Systems at the New York Passive House 2014 Expo

Visit PowerWise Systems at the New York Passive House 2014 Expo

PowerWise CEO speaking at US Green Building Maine Chapter Event

PowerWise Systems CEO Carsten Steenberg will be speaking at a US Green Building Maine Chapter Event in Falmouth ME on June 4, 20…
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Custom Dashboards

Do you need a custom dashboard branded for your company or product line? We've created many interactive and visually appealing dashboards for schools, green communities, research studies, and operations. Call 1-207-370-6517 or email sales(at)powerwisesystems.comView some examples >>