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SiteSage is a cost-effective building management system. The core product can monitor electricity for any number of buildings, electrical panels, or circuits. The software service provides costs, projected costs, kilowatt use, equipment analytics, safety and use alerts, and smart thermostat support.


Know the your building is efficient and reliable with inView monitoring and controls. Manage important mechanical systems and energy resources with incredible flexibility and accuracy.


PowerWise offers energy management solutions including monitoring of batteries, electricity, natural gas and propane, and solar and wind power.


PowerWise develops complete software applications for monitoring and controlling buildings.

Featured Solutions

BY: PowerWise

The primary SiteSage components include electricity meters, gateways, controllers, thermostats, and…

SiteSage Assets

BY: PowerWise

Plan capital replacement and maintenance with SiteSage Assets. Record conditions and photos of…

SiteSage Commercial

BY: PowerWise

Run your business and operations with confidence. Know your buildings and equipment are efficient…

SiteSage Controls

BY: PowerWise

Remotely monitor HVAC energy use and temperatures to help optimize performance with SiteSage’s HVAC…

SiteSage Monitoring

BY: PowerWise

Know where energy is being used and when. See that your equipment is running as expected. Know the…

SiteSage Residential

BY: PowerWise

Easily manage energy in your home with flexible SiteSage monitoring technology.

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