Energy monitoring,
air quality sensors, HVAC controls

SiteSage Residential

Easily manage energy in your home with flexible SiteSage monitoring technology.

SiteSage Monitoring

Know where energy is being used and when. See that your equipment is running as expected. Know the costs and output with informative online reports.

SiteSage Smart Kitchen

Monitor temperature and other data in key equipment. Receive real-time alerts and exception reports, addressing issues that may compromise food safety and food quality. Manage food safety processes and automate reporting with SiteSage Smart Kitchen.

SiteSage Assets

Plan capital replacement and maintenance with SiteSage Assets. Record conditions and photos of properties and critical equipment. See current conditions and historical information for all of your assets.

October Software Updates for SiteSage

Recent updates include more robust thermostat reporting, system outage alerts, and improved tools to manage alert subscribers.

Stronger Communications for SiteSage Technology

New improvements include stronger communications between SiteSage devices and more flexibility in networking and powering the SiteSage gateway.

Report and Alert on Temperatures with a New Wireless Sensor

Knowing that temperatures are within a normal and safe operating range is important - for business owners and homeowners. The new SiteSage WiTemp+ makes it easy to monitor temperatures.

Monitoring the new PowerWise Building

PowerWise recently moved into a new office building. The building came with a few surprises requiring some "management". As an experienced monitoring and control company, we eagerly rolled up our sleeves to deal with a building needing improvements.

In addition to our standard solutions, we offer OEM opportunities.

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