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Easily manage a building and its energy with SiteSage. The product can monitor circuit-level electricity, water, gas, solar, and environmental conditions. Control thermostats, lighting, and equipment with online schedules. Monitor buildings and equipment remotely with a smart phone or laptop.


Ensure your building is efficient and reliable with inView monitoring and controls. Know equipment runtimes, costs, and output. Remotely monitor temperatures to ensure conditions are appropriate. Control thermostats schedules online. Receive alerts when you need to know. inView offers incredible flexibility and accuracy.


Manage energy for buildings and equipment with PowerWise. Easily monitor energy being used or produced. Solutions include electricity, natural gas and propane, renewable energy, and heating and cooling.


PowerWise develops complete software applications for monitoring and controlling buildings and mechanical systems. We can integrate with a variety meter and sensors, and we offer an impressive lineup of our own hardware.

Featured Solutions

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The primary SiteSage components include electricity meters, gateways, controllers, thermostats, and…

SiteSage Assets

BY: PowerWise

Plan capital replacement and maintenance with SiteSage Assets. Record conditions and photos of…

SiteSage Commercial

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Run your business and operations with confidence. Know your buildings and equipment are efficient…

SiteSage Commercial Screenshots

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Check out the SiteSage energy and asset management screenshots for commercial customers

SiteSage Controls

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Remotely monitor HVAC energy use and temperatures to help optimize performance with SiteSage’s HVAC…

SiteSage Monitoring

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Know where energy is being used and when. See that your equipment is running as expected. Know the…

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PowerWise is a proven innovator of monitoring and control technology.


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Check out the SiteSage energy and asset management screenshots for…
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