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Building Monitoring and Controls

PowerWise is a leading provider of energy management and control solutions for business and residential buildings. With over 1,000 customers on 5 continents, PowerWise helps businesses, homeowners, and researchers evaluate performance and use of buildings and the individual systems, including hot water, circuit-level electricity, heating/cooling, and environmental conditions, and take active control of systems such as lighting and HVAC. For more information call 207-370-6517 or email sales(at)powerwisesystems.com.

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Energy Management

Energy metering at any granularity, renewables, and remote equipment and thermostat controls

Air Quality & HVAC Health

Verify air quality, heat pump and cooling performance; includes thermostat controls

inView Dashboards

Hierarchical custom views of your most crucial information. Drill down for detail. Display any selection of view of your data.

Water and Gas Metering

Meter water and gas for operations, industrial processes, apartment units, and research

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