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See what contributes to bills for electricity, water, or gas with monitoring technology from PowerWise. Our informative dashboards can be used to bill individual energy users, identify ways to reduce energy costs, or evaluate buildings and mechanical systems.

Billing for Energy - PowerWise offers submetering solutions for buildings where utilities are not metered for individual tenants. Utilities can include electricity, water, gas, and even domestic hot water. Revenue-grade options are available.

Reducing Costs - If energy bills are excessive, monitoring what contributes to these bills can help. With electricity, we can measure to the circuit level. Segment use by occupant or equipment with any number of meters for propane, gas, and water. Plus know when these resources are consumed.

Evaluating Buildings and Equipment - Measuring energy use provides valuable feedback on the operation and the key components. Judge how things are going and changes to consider with informative reports. Depending on data being gathered, PowerWise can provide efficiency calculations to demonstrate the performance.

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PowerWise is a proven innovator of monitoring and control technology.


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