Who is PowerWise?

Founded in 2010, PowerWise sells monitoring and control technology. The company is the sales and marketing extension of Intellergy, Inc. Intellergy includes key people who co-founded Powerhouse Dynamics and co-invented the eMonitor, now known as SiteSage. SiteSage is an energy and asset management software and hardware solution.

Today, PowerWise / Intellergy are completely independent of Powerhouse Dynamics. Intellergy offers an impressive line of its own products, in addition to SiteSage and other monitoring and control technology. In addition to the co-founders previously mentioned, PowerWise also has staff for sales, marketing, and support, while Intellergy handles research and development for software, hardware, and firmware.

PowerWise sells building management systems to commercial, residential, and government customers. These projects range from the standard and flexible to more customized. Examples of standard projects for PowerWise include:

  • Architects looking for performance feedback on their buildings
  • Building owners needing a better way to manage their operations
  • Homeowners tackling their electricity bills
  • Companies providing energy efficiency services to their customers
  • Energy efficiency agencies analyzing costs and performance for buildings and mechanical systems
  • Researchers studying building performance data
  • Schools teaching energy and energy efficiency, while also reducing the school’s electricity demand
  • Utilities wanting to understand detailed electricity use in homes

Custom projects arise from challenges involving energy, technology, construction, and business. In these instances, Intellergy proposes a technology solution based on deep experience with complex systems. These unique software, hardware, and firmware projects include:

  • Businesses needing a branded application and hardware to offer direct to their customers
  • Heating and cooling company wanting a solution to manage heating systems and maintenance
  • Middle and high schools competing to reduce energy consumption
  • Technology companies integrating their hardware or software to solve a new problem
  • Universities desiring a better software interface for their complex building management system

To address the wide variety of customer projects, Intellergy developed an impressive and broad hardware and software platform. This product line is available through PowerWise and is called inView. The products are available with branding, as in an OEM relationship, through Intellergy.

This is the Intellergy and PowerWise story. The company provides a variety of monitoring and control solutions. The projects can be very straightforward and targeted, or comprehensive and cover virtually any mechanical system in any building, for even hundreds of locations anywhere in the world. Beyond that, Intellergy can provide completely branded hardware and software through an OEM relationship.

To talk with a representative, please call +1-207-370-6517 or use the contact form.

About PowerWise

PowerWise is a proven innovator of monitoring and control technology.


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