inGate Wireless Zigbee


The PowerWise inGate is a commercial-grade ethernet gateway designed for data monitoring and control of building systems. The device integrates with select Zigbee sensors, electricity meters, flow meters, data acquisition devices, controllers, wireless bridges, and select thermostats. The inGate communicates performance and control data with the PowerWise inView application, where advanced analytics are accessed remotely from any web-based device. The inGate offers plug-and-play functionality and supports Modbus RTU and Zigbee 3.0.

The inGate supports the following electricity meters:

The inGate supports the following flow meters:

  • Onicon System 40 BTU Meter
  • Onicon Ultrasonic Flow Meter

inGate BTU Meter Diagram
inGate inDAC Diagram
inGate inView 1.0 User Manual
inGate Level Transducer Diagram
inGate Modbus Diagram
inGate Quick Start Guide
inGate Specification
inGate WattNode Diagram

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