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Easily manage energy for buildings and equipment with PowerWise monitoring and control technology. Know the costs to run anything powered by electricity, natural gas and propane, and other fuels. See the output of renewable energy, heating and cooling, and other mechanical systems. Identify areas to improve efficiency. When you make changes, measure the savings with our informative reports.

Improve Energy Efficiency

If energy bills are a concern, monitoring what contributes to these bills can help. With electricity, measure use for entire buildings, electrical panels, and individual circuits. Using any number of meters, easily segment use for natural gas, propane, and water. Know when these resources are consumed. See if the output is what you expect. Common contributors to wasted energy include:

  • Equipment running after hours
  • Erratic mechanical system runtime and performance
  • Faulty installation
  • Heating or cooling setpoints out of range
  • High energy use by building, equipment, zone, or occupant -- relative to similar users
  • Mechanical systems not running in sync with each other
  • Poor power factor
  • Too many devices turning on at the same time, introducing demand charges
  • Voltage out of range

Ensure Efficiency and Reliability

With sensors and meters in place, know that buildings and equipment are working as they should with the ongoing monitoring service. Readily access live information with the PowerWise dashboard. See historical reports to chart trends, compare equipment, and identify abnormal operations. Receive email or text alerts for virtually any condition being monitored. Common alerts include notifications for budget, safety, comfort level, and performance. Often these alerts can identify maintenance needed to be scheduled. A planned service is typically much cheaper than equipment going down and requiring emergency repair.

Bill for Energy Use

PowerWise offers submetering solutions for buildings where utilities are not metered for individual tenants. Utilities can include electricity, water, gas, and even domestic hot water. Revenue-grade options are available.

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