SiteSage Controller

The SiteSage Controller enables customers to easily and remotely control any equipment in their facilities, from lighting to exhaust hoods to hot water heaters. Create and share schedules centrally with all facilities across the enterprise. The Controller is delivered as a UL approved electric panel enclosure with the SiteSage control device (cPod) pre-wired to contactors that can be used to turn circuits on and off. It is designed to control both 3-phase and single phase equipment. The SiteSage Controller model C-8/24 supports up to 8 3-phase devices or 8 “Control Zones” of 3 single phase devices each, or any combination. If there are more circuits to control, multiple Controllers can be deployed. If there are fewer, model C-4/12 supports up to 4 Control Zones and 12 circuits. The SiteSage Controller connects wirelessly to the SiteSage Gateway, which in turn connects to the broadband infrastructure in the facility.

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