Monitor virtually any number of buildings, electrical panels, or circuits with SiteSage M. To measure electricity, current transformers (CTs) clamp around the wires for the mains or branch circuits and plug back into SiteSage M. For single-phase electricity, up to 14 CTs can be connected to SiteSage M. For three-phase electricity, 15 CTs can be connected to SiteSage M. By daisy chaining an expansion pod (xpod), an additional 10 circuits can be monitored. Up to three xpods can be added to SiteSage M.

Product Configurations - Single-Phase Electricity

  • SiteSage M4-14 - Includes 150A CT x 2, 50A CT x 4, 20A CT x 8, Gateway
  • SiteSage M4-24 - Includes 150A CT x 2, 50A CT x 6, 20A CT x 16, Gateway, xpod x 1
  • SiteSage M4-44 - Includes 150A CT x 2, 50A CT x 10, 20A CT x 32, Gateway, xpod x 3

Product Configurations - Three-Phase Electricity

  • SiteSage M-15 - Includes 50A CT x 6, 20A CT x 8
  • SiteSage M-25 - Includes 50A CT x 6, 20A CT x 18, xpod x 1
  • SiteSage M-45 - Includes 50A CT x 12, 20A CT x 32, xpod x 3


  • Gateways and main CTs sold separately for 3-phase hardware
  • Standard CTs sizes are 20A, 50A, 150A, 300A, 600A, and 1000A. Custom sizes available upon request.
  • CTs are rated for 10% to 130% of their rating. For example, a 150A CT is suitable for a 225A circuit.
  • Accuracy is generally +/- 2%. Contact PowerWise for revenue-grade solutions.
  • With single-phase electricity, some double breakers require just one CT (balanced load).
  • With three-phase electricity, double breakers require 2 CTs and triple breakers require 3 CTs.
  • SiteSage M is powered by 110 volts inside the panel.
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