Evaluate Ground Source Heat Pump Performance

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) use energy from the earth to heat and cool buildings, as well as assist in domestic hot water production. As a leader in cost-effective building management systems, PowerWise can evaluate GSHP performance using our monitoring and control technology.

To fully understand GSHP performance, we continuously monitor the inputs (electricity use) and the energy output. Collection of minute data allows for performance data to be calculated in real time.

equation for calculating coefficient of performance

  • Q = Heating or Cooling Input
  • W = Electricity Input (Pumps, Compressor, etc.)

Performance indicators such as coefficient of performance (COP), energy efficiency ratio (EER), and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) are calculated using a combination of metering hardware. Heat meters (BTU) are used to record the differential ground loop temperature and flow rate which are used to calculate energy input. Electricity (kWh) meters are connected to capture electrical energy input. This data is collected and stored by the PowerWise inGate where minute values are sent to analytical servers for display and calculation. The diagram below depicts the general hardware layout:

ground source heat pump monitoring diagram

Beyond the overall performance of the heat pump, additional sensors can be added to check and identify other data points within the heat pump cycle and control sequence.

PowerWise is a proven leader in monitoring and measuring heating and cooling systems. Contact us anytime with questions at sales@powerwisesystems.com or 207-370-6517.

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