The Benefits of Monitoring Technology

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If you own or manage a building, are all of the mechanical systems working as expected? What happens when the heating goes offline or a refrigeration unit shuts down?

If any of these questions give you pause, consider the potential benefits of monitoring technology for your building and mechanical systems. Doing so will give you insight into exactly how things are working. Plus, you will be able to avoid the many surprises related to equipment going offline and requiring costly repairs. Proactive maintenance based on knowledge provided by your monitoring system is almost always cheaper than replacing or fixing a machine when it fails completely.

"A good monitoring and control package - a true building management system - gives you the ability to measure and control any and all aspects of your building", Carsten Steenberg, CEO PowerWise.

Costs by Equipment

Beyond the equipment analytics, PowerWise technology provides detailed insight into energy use. See electrical use and costs by circuit. Know if equipment is running after hours or using too much electricity. Any changes you make to improve energy efficiency can be measure with PowerWise technology.

The PowerWise team is skilled in evaluating buildings and mechanical systems plans. Ensure your buildings are efficient and reliable. Contact PowerWise today. Call 207-370-6517 or email

About PowerWise

PowerWise is a proven innovator of monitoring and control technology.


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