Cool and Comfortable with Controls

Working for a monitoring and control company like PowerWise is great. We have fun developing new products and enjoying the benefits they provide. After the products are rigorously tested and ready for market, our customers enjoy these same benefits as well.

SiteSage controls for lighting and equipment

We recently installed lighting and thermostat controls in our office. When I arrive in the morning, the lights are on and the building’s temperature is perfect. After I leave the office in the evening, the lights go off automatically and the heating system setpoint drops to a lower setting.

SiteSage smartphone app for controlling thermostats

Setting a schedule for lighting and heating means I have a few less things to think about. I’m a busy guy. I have projects to manage, blogs to write, and phone calls to make. While the lighting and thermostat controls sound simple, they free up my time for more important things. I set the schedule once, and the controls do what they are supposed to do.

So if you would like to be cool and comfortable, consider contacting PowerWise for lighting and thermostat controls. Call us at +1-207-370-6517 or use our contact form.

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