Stronger Communications for SiteSage Technology

SiteSage gateway

As 2017 winds down, enhancements ramp up for SiteSage energy and asset management. New improvements to the technology include stronger communications between SiteSage devices and more flexibility in networking and powering the SiteSage gateway.

The improvements primarily center around the new SiteSage gateway. First, the gateway supports connecting to the network via ethernet or wireless. The previous version of the gateway supported either, but not both, requiring configuring one way or the other at the time of purchase.

Second, the gateway can be powered over ethernet. This means the device can be powered through the ethernet connection, as opposed to being powered via a wall outlet. This option ensures reliable communications and can simplify many installations.

Third, the gateway has a stronger wireless radio to increase communication range with the SiteSage energy monitor, SiteSage Controller, sPod, SmartStat 46 and the new wireless temperature sensor (available December 2017 / January 2018). The new range is up to 100 feet line of sight, a strong improvement over the previous radio. Walls, floors, and other construction material reduce the communication range. The SiteSage status page (viewed within the SiteSage dashboard) shows the communication strength between the gateway and other devices.

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